Christmas Term 2017

Hi all another term beckons on the horizon –  I though it might be a good idea to remind you that even though you are in a class – the classes I run aim to focus on you as… Continue reading

Autumn Pilates Term September 2017

Hi all here is all the information you need for the September 2017 course. Looking forward to seeing you raring to go after the Summer Holidays. Remember if you want to roam do check with me first to make sure… Continue reading

Summer Pilates Course August 2017

Hi all here is all the information you need for the August course. It looks like all classes will run this term – however if you want to roam do check with me first to make sure. I know some… Continue reading

Pilates Course June 2017

Hi all – I hope this missive finds you enjoying the Whit Sun bank holiday. Certainly started in dramatic fashion with a truly spectacular thunderstorm. I am looking forward to another term where we find our own thunder and lightening… Continue reading

Pilates Course April 2017 Term

Happy Easter – very tempting to start off with a lot of egg jokes but will refrain. Instead lets look forward to hopping into next term. Remember that I will no longer be providing mats from this term – so… Continue reading

Pilates Spring Term 2017

Another great term under our belts. We definitely found the Pathway to our Powerhouse, we rolled, we moved  our bodies, we moved with precision, we discovered muscles we did n’t know we had, we breathed wide into those ribs,… Continue reading

Pilates January 2017

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Here’s to a healthy, flexible and strong you. Pilates with consistent practice, is what heals, strengthens and creates a real Pilates body. I look forward to continue finding the Pathway to… Continue reading

Pilates Christmas Term Nov – Dec 2016

Wow another term almost done and the year has sped by. I hope you have all enjoyed and also felt the benefits of the slightly different approach to Spine Safety. I want to tell you all  how grateful I… Continue reading

Equipilates July 2016


For most riders, their world is their horse and their horse is their world. I can say this without being unduly critical because I am a rider and horse-owner. And, like many others, I have always cared about my horses… Continue reading

September 2016 Class Schedule

By the time we get to the start of this course we will hopefully have enjoyed a warm , dry August !

This course will run over 8 weeks taking us to the end of October. For those who attend… Continue reading